Seminar 4: Gaps and Opportunities in African HIV Research

7th May 2003

The fourth African HIV Research Forum (AHRF) seminar day took place at University College London on the 7th May 2003. An estimated 80 delegates attended the seminar, which set out to highlight the many gaps and opportunities in the African HIV evidence base. Four excellent speakers delivered highly informative presentations about the issues, giving the delegates interesting insights into ways in which the evidence base can be developed and improved.

Recently Africans and HIV have been the focus of numerous articles and reports in the mass media. The use of negative language and misinformation prompted the AHRF to timetable an extraordinary session entitled ‘Forming a Strategic Response to Adverse Media Reporting’ at the end of the forum day. Joseph O’Reilly, who gave a thorough overview of the issues as they stand, facilitated the session, taking comments and questions from the floor.

More details about the presentations

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